Dark Rage

About the Book

The universe is wrought by two opposing forces—Princess Asora of the Utopian Kingdom and Queen Laxur of the Darkcon Empire. Two sisters whose ambition to control the entire realm and reshape the world into their image have made them mortal enemies.

Asora wanted enlightenment and progress, but Laxur yearned for revenge veiled under the pretense of greatness and order. The two empires have nothing but pure adoration toward their rulers, but the world beyond them has fallen into chaos as Asora and Laxur forge factions and tear nations apart.

The fate of the universe hangs in their hands. Which sister will reign supreme?


Daniel Darcey

About the Author

Daniel Darcey is a veteran of the US Navy. He hails from California but is currently residing in the Puget Sound area (Seattle metropolitan). He is an engineer by profession and an avid traveler who has visited several countries around the Pacific.

He started writing the Kingdoms and Empire series in 2000. What started as a thought experiment that he conjured when he was in tenth grade became a four-part science fiction series. Since he has always been a fan of the genre, he decided that he would write one of his own, one that was different but personal.

Book Reviews


“That’s one reason behind this, but what I find fascinating is the method of generating the power and the lesser amount of wire needed,” Asora pointed out to her assistant.

“So far, we know of nearly fifty different species, including the machines over there.” Marien pointed to a corner with beds full of machines in the shape of bodies. “Some were even rumored to live inside their machines.”

“That is one big power plant, Jeia. And by the looks of it, I would say that it does more than what you and Asora have told the court,” Frenzen said.


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